Yachting Holidays on the Norfolk Broads

21st Century Norfolk Broads, In Colour!

Over the last year I have been re-tracing some of my journeys around the Broads, prompted in part by a commission for David & Charles, who are due to publish an Official Guide to the Broads in 2002 with lots of my pictures and a text by the travel writer Clive Tully.

Here is a selection of 50 images, ranging from the picturesque to the documentary to the downright obscure - just the kind of mixture I like. For me, colour photography is almost a different medium to black and white. It's even more important to edit the composition to avoid the colours crowding each other out, or at least to achieve some balance.

Someone reviewing a photographic exhibition said recently that modern high brilliance colour film and the way it is used, tells us what to look at. Black and white gives you the illusion that you are making your own choice of what to see. You might like to consider this viewpoint when looking at my pictures.

Richard Denyer
June 2001